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Critical & Intensive Care Therapeutic Home
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What is a Therapeutic Home?

A Therapeutic Home maintains hospital quality air and hospital intensive care room technologies to lower risk of exposure to disease causing microbes, bacteria and allergens. This enables the occupants to more effectively prevent and manage certain respiratory diseases. Our medically-based services include:

• Critical & Intensive Care Therapeutic Home™
• Respiratory Therapeutic Home™
• Allergen Safe Therapeutic Home™

Our Process
The patient home is assessed to determine structure adaptability to allow for installation of required technologies. The home is tested for existing disease causing agents. The home is mechanically modified and professionally cleaned with medical grade cleaning agents. We then implement long term management programs to maintain a continuous Therapeutic Home. Contact us to learn more.

A Therapeutic Home protects the health of the home’s occupants using proven avoidance technologies to reduce or eliminate exposure to known respiratory disease causing agents thus preventing illness in vulnerable patients. This will improve the quality of life and may extend the life of individuals with certain life threatening respiratory illnesses.

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